Why Free Spyware Removal Tools are Offered

People today believe that nothing in life is free. They believe that everything has a cost. In a sense, they are correct. This is because even though some products today are offered to people without any financial cost, the fact remains that these products do ask for something in exchange. The reality of life is that nothing is done without purpose. If a company offers free spyware removal tools, they must have some goal in mind that can be accomplished through doing so.

So why would companies offer free spyware removal tools?

1) Promotional purposes – companies use freebies in order to increase their profit. They believe that offering free spyware removal tools to the public would accomplish one of two things:

a) Help promote the spyware tools – a common tactic that companies make use of today is known as the beta test. Often, companies planning to release new software commercially will try to promoteit by releasing a free version. The user who enjoys the product will then be able to upgrade to a better version once the software is released commercially.

b) Help promote another product – some companies will include free spyware removal software as an incentive when you buy their products. This works when a person is looking for a bargain. By throwing in free spyware removal software, a company will be able to attract more customers to its product. In this case, it is the manufacturer’s intention that a customer should see the virtues of their product. When people begin to take notice of the product, then the company will have the ability to charge cash for it.

2) Educational purposes – free spyware removal tools are often distributed for the purpose of increasing knowledge. The knowledge involved here could either be the manufacturer’s or the user’s. How do they differ?

a) Manufacturer – some manufacturers release free spyware removal tools in order to learn more about the people who use them. They wish to learn about the different features that people look for in a good spyware removal tool. Often, these manufacturers offer free spyware removal tools in exchange for a fair evaluation by the user. By letting the user test the free spyware removal software, manufacturers try to find any kinks in the program.

b) User – users can also learn lots of things through the use of free spyware removal tools. For example, a user who tries free spyware removal software may learn just how many spyware have have managed to penetrate his or her system. In fact, a user could also learn the importance of spyware protection through the use of free spyware removal software. People could be educated as to the different scams that hackers use in order to introduce spyware into a system.

3) Introducing spyware – believe it or not, some spyware creators actually try to disguise their spyware as free spyware removal tools. Many people are duped by this disguise and download spyware into their system. In their eagerness to download free spyware removal software, people unwittingly become victims of the very bane they try to protect themselves from.

Hopefully, this article has taught you about the true cost of free spyware removal tools. In understanding the purpose of different companies for offering this type of service, you will be more aware of whether or not you are willing to pay the cost of something free.