Spyware Doctor

For Spyware and Adware Infection, Here’s the Spyware Doctor

Have you ever been a victim of malicious software and programs?

If you have experienced being annoyed by popup advertisements, or new programs having been installed into your computer without your knowledge, chances are, you have been an unwilling victim of spyware, adware, or malware.

Sometimes, you may even hear Trojan horses, spyware cookies, keyloggers, spybots, adbots, and browser hijackers when your friendly neighborhood computer technician checks on your personal computer.

Well, like anybody who has seen his computer crash, his Internet connection come to a crawl, or his money taken from the bank without his knowledge, you can say that all of those malicious software and programs mentioned above are indeed a royal pain.

But who says you have to suffer?

If you need an anti-spyware program, then, try Spyware Doctor of PC Tools.

Proven effective by many computer magazines and research laboratories like PC Pro Magazine, PC Magazine, PC World, PC Answers, and PC Authority, Spyware Doctor is the choice of many people around the world.

It even won numerous honors and awards like the Editor’s Choice Award, Best of the Year Award, People’s Choice, and five-star ratings from Tucows, and CNET’s download.com.

Downloaded for over 50 million times, Spyware Doctor is still being downloaded almost a million times weekly by millions of people who want protection for their personal computer, as well as their identities.

With this great demand for Spyware Doctor, the manufacturers keep on updating the program’s spyware fighting abilities on a daily basis.

Let’s take a look at some of the good qualities of Spyware Doctor.

1. Features

Being, one of the top anti-spyware programs, Spyware Doctor has many good features. Some of these are:

• Real-Time Blocking and Protection
• Spyware Severity Identification
• Avanced On-Guard Technology

2. Effectiveness

Other programs tested against Spyware Doctor detected only a small portion of spyware and adware and completely eliminated an even smaller fraction. Also, most of the other anti-spyware programs were unable to stop Spyware from being installed on personal computers.

Spyware Doctor also protects browsing using the Internet Explorer with the popup ad blocker and malicious site guard. Its functions can be updated through Live Update.

3. Easiness of Use

Since Spyware Doctor’s controls and screen are stylish, the program makes navigation really easy. Features like Active Protection, Immunization, and Scanning can be found with minimal effort.

Many reviewers say this product is one that is made for real people and not for experts – a good characteristic, which made it won the People’s Choice Award in 2005 and 2006.

4. Easiness of Installation/Setup

Designed especially for Windows XP, 98, ME and 2000, spyware Doctor is easy to download and install. Once the program has been installed, a step-by-step guide can be followed. Instructions will take only more or less two minutes to accomplish and you can enjoy instant and lasting protection.

5. Customization

The program comes with some customization tools, such as Quick Scan/Full Scan and Run on Startup.

6. Help/Support

PC Tools provides support options for Spyware Doctor like an integrated e-mail support, help application, and a Frequently Asked Questions page on the website.

Though some reviewers feel that more features can be added to the program to make it more convenient to use and more useful, it can still be considered as a really good product for discovering spyware and adware.